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Entry #1

Why hello thar fine sirs and sir...ettes?

4/10/13 by Zolah

Hey there, ive decided that from now on im gonna try to focus on being on NG and add some random art and whatnot here. I actually prefer how NG is and works, so why not?

If you have any suggestions on art / doodles i can do just send a message. Im pretty out of ideas currently, havnt found much that tickles my taste buds :C


/ Z


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:/ Why's so many Swede on NG?

4/12/13 Zolah responds:

-shrugs- cause were filthy bastards looking for free porn? xD I dont know ^^



Free interpretation of the nick. :)

4/12/13 Zolah responds:

ok ^^



How about a free interpretation of the Cyberdevil? :P Always fun to see what inspiration the name spurs.

4/11/13 Zolah responds:

just a free interp of your nick or do you have an actual ref?

Jag marker din konst ar ganska trevligt, men jag gillar inte "pony"... Dessutom blir sprak som svenska skruvas av NG taskig systemet.

4/11/13 Zolah responds:

Lol I noticed xD

well I dont only draw pony, its just what ive done recently ^^ feels a bit off to upload old stuff. I could add my kung fu cooking, its not that old but i know people would bitch alot about her proportions >_<

Random is a dangerous word.

4/10/13 (Updated 4/10/13) Zolah responds:

Random, mardon, mardröm - wich means nitemare in swedish .