Entry #1

Why hello thar fine sirs and sir...ettes?

2013-04-10 11:38:15 by Zolah

Hey there, ive decided that from now on im gonna try to focus on being on NG and add some random art and whatnot here. I actually prefer how NG is and works, so why not?

If you have any suggestions on art / doodles i can do just send a message. Im pretty out of ideas currently, havnt found much that tickles my taste buds :C


/ Z


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2013-04-10 14:25:46

Random is a dangerous word.

(Updated ) Zolah responds:

Random, mardon, mardröm - wich means nitemare in swedish .


2013-04-10 21:22:11

Jag marker din konst ar ganska trevligt, men jag gillar inte "pony"... Dessutom blir sprak som svenska skruvas av NG taskig systemet.

Zolah responds:

Lol I noticed xD

well I dont only draw pony, its just what ive done recently ^^ feels a bit off to upload old stuff. I could add my kung fu cooking, its not that old but i know people would bitch alot about her proportions >_<


2013-04-11 08:07:13

How about a free interpretation of the Cyberdevil? :P Always fun to see what inspiration the name spurs.

Zolah responds:

just a free interp of your nick or do you have an actual ref?


2013-04-11 15:02:05

Free interpretation of the nick. :)

Zolah responds:

ok ^^


2013-04-11 15:11:14

:/ Why's so many Swede on NG?

Zolah responds:

-shrugs- cause were filthy bastards looking for free porn? xD I dont know ^^